The Most Awesome Boots Ever!!!

Hand-made by the Northstar Fur Company San Francisco CA

Our Boots

Our boots are made warm, durable and very comfortable. You may wear them indoors and out to raves, parties, burning man or for your morning coffee run. They’re safe to wear on wet streets and small amounts of snow. Just be ready for people to compliment you on them everywhere you go!!

We Use the Best Fur Available

We select the plushest fur for our boots. We don’t use any animal skin nor fleece. All of our materials are 100% man-made. The fur is 2 inches long, super soft and very thick and luxurious. The inside is lined with a ¼ inch layer of fleece making them super soft and cozy. They’re a lot of fun to wear and easy to maintain. Just keep them away from the rain and if they do get wet or spotted, brush the spot off with a damp towel and let dry then fluff up!

Made With Much Care and Quality in the USA

We inspect each pair before it leaves our shop and we offer 100% money back guarantee on every sale. We’re easy to reach by phone or email and we’ll gladly address every question and concern. We value your business and appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

The Northstar Fur Company

PO Box 591 Hayward CA 94543.

To reach customer service please call us at (415) 815-9465