How do I clean my boots should they get dirty?


* Avoid getting the fur wet. You may wear them outside but avoid the rain, water or mud puddles.

* If they do get dirty, or if you drip food or drink on the fur, wipe the spot with a damp towel and dish detergent. Let dry then fluff up.

*Dish soap is very good at removing stains! Allow the fur to lather then wipe off with a damp towel. Always use cold water.

* if you feel that your boots have become dirty all over, you can wash them in the washer on DELICATE cycle with COLD water

*use the normal amount of laundry soap, and if you have the Snow White fluffy wuffy boots, you can add ONLY 1 (one) oz of bleach white.

*After washing or spot cleaning, hang your boots on a line to dry for a day or until completely dry inside and out.

* Never use the dryer or hair dryer even on cold air to dry your boots. The air pressure will melt the tips of the fur and stick them together

*After your boots dry, brush the top layer of the fur lightly upwards (in the direction of the fur grain) and store in a clean dry place.

If you run into any other situations or need help, please do not hesitate to email us.

We hope you love them.